Every business is a candidate for improved operations and profits through
resolving entrenched inefficiencies and taking advantage of improvement
opportunities with operations, programs, systems and people. Meanwhile, the
abundant opportunities to accomplish more with less are often overlooked in the
frantic pace to meet immediate demands.  Unfulfilled  opportunities, mistakes,
missed deadlines, poor quality work and cost overruns are common symptoms.
Employee morale, teamwork, and profits suffer.  Work is a grind with
unsatisfactory rewards.

My name is Byron Callas, an executive business consultant helping
companies improve their operations performance for over 30 years. I  
consistently help my clients eliminate inefficiencies and improve  
operations to enable Management and teams to reliably achieve their
project, operations and profit goals.

My mission is to make the lives of you and your employees easier, to make
work simpler, to measurably increase productivity, and to achieve greater
returns on your investment in money and people.

My focus is solving business-enterprise problems and maximizing opportunities
to improve business operations and team performance.

My results are improved operations, increased returns on investment, a better
work environment and a more effective workforce.
"Byron is one of the most savvy business leaders I have ever worked with. He has the uncanny ability to
dive deep into problem areas, analyze and vet opportunities while offering concrete solutions that
deliver efficiency and process to the most chaotic situations. He has been instrumental on various
projects, bringing clarity to both the macro and micro view, making him an invaluable resource time and
time again."
  Monika Rose, Director, Creative Services, LeapFrog Enterprises  

“Byron worked for me when I was Senior Vice President of Marketing at both Showtime/The Movie
Channel and MasterCard International. He is the most accomplished person I have ever worked with.
There was never an assignment that he didn't complete on time and on budget above and beyond the
call of duty. He is the most competent and accountable executive I know”
  Joanne Black, Senior
Vice President, Marketing Services, MasterCard International

"What can I say? Byron is an outstanding leader and team player who can direct and achieve the most
impossible business objectives. He first employed me at MasterCard where I worked for him. Years
later I employed Byron as a Consultant to work on a global project requested by the CEO of MasterCard.
I knew if I relocated Byron to work on this global issue the objective would exceed the CEO's
expectations. Byron does the impossible ! HIGHLY recommended for any business issue! Byron hits it
out of the ball park!"
 Arnene Linquito, Vice President Global Band Management,
MasterCard International.

"I have known Byron for about three decades and he is one of the most creative thinkers I have ever
known. When we have worked together, Byron has been a constant source of innovation. When a
problem has no possible solution, Byron is the one to step back into a broader context within which the
needed solutions exist."
  Earl Babbie, Professor, Chapman University

“Byron is just the best person to work with. He is creative, insightful and gives excellent advice. His
guidance on a cost accounting project I developed and managed as an outside contractor for LeapFrog
Toys was invaluable. He combines professional expertise with a warm, down to earth friendliness and
accessibility. His advice and support allowed me to do my very best work.
 Iona Frajman, Owner,
Iona Frajman Bookkeeping, Inc.

“Byron Callas is a multi-talented professional with a great background in business and process
management. I had the opportunity to hire him for a two-week consulting assignment that turned into a
two-year stay because of the usefulness of his many skills and abilities. His overall contribution was
Cliff West, Former Director Creative Services, LeapFrog Enterprises

“Byron came aboard at MasterCard and swiftly identified sources of disconnected brand building efforts
worldwide. I watched him interact with senior executives and secretaries with equal ease and respect
and saw firsthand that he is a professional, action-oriented person who gets tangible results where
others have failed. Byron is smart, insightful, positive, endearing, a leader & true team player.”
Patrick Ohlin, Director Brand Management, MasterCard International

“Byron's clarity, intelligence and tremendous passion are extraordinary assets. Our team greatly
benefited from Byron's help. I have learned something new that benefited my business in every single
meeting we had with Byron.”
  Bennett Johnston, President, Gingko Games

“Byron always manages to see through the thicket of detail to the important things, and is an extremely
creative, knowledgeable, strategic thinker. He's helped me think through many difficult problems, and
has consistently recommended approaches that actually worked, without ever straying from his high
standards of integrity.”
 Chris Dworin, VP Bis-Dev, Golightly.com

“Working with Byron was a pleasure. He has a rare skill set that incorporates the ability to quickly
understand issues, opportunities, and projects at hand, and then quickly (but not hastily) approach a
solution with pinpoint accuracy and efficiency. Byron is able to partner effectively at  all levels of an
organization, from the Executive level on down. He is an eloquent communicator and can speak in
granular detail as well as conceptually about any project he is involved in.”
 Erik Tomita,
Production & Creative Director, The GAP, Inc.

“I echo the endorsements here for Byron. Additionally, Byron is a great coach and personal trainer. I’ve
observed that he especially delights in working with younger people learning the ropes. Through his
wealth of experience, and caring and engaged demeanor, he effectively instills the leadership qualities
as well as practical day-to-day operations skills that help them fulfill their dreams to be successful
business people. I wish more of today’s leaders were as enthused as Byron to mentor the younger
generations inheriting both the problems they face in today's complex business environment, and the
opportunities open to them.”
 Bonnie Simpson, Business Manager & Development Coach
Callas Consulting
Helping Businesses Perform Better
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For more information and to review your objectives:  
email byron@byroncallas.com
Phone USA:   415-233-6013
Results Examples

  • MasterCard International: For the Year-2000 anomaly, developed and
    implemented a successful bank-auditing program to ensure that when the
    clock strikes twelve, the credit cards of hundreds of millions of customers
    will work when swiped at any of 20,000,000 merchants in 144 countries.

  • LeapFrog Enterprises, Inc: Instrumental collaboration to improve cross-
    departmental packaging-development operations, reduce costs and
    schedules, and improve retail-packaging print quality for several hundred  
    SKU annually.

  • ShowTime/The Movie Channel: Analysed systems leading to      
    improvements reducing costs and production schedules for time-sensitive
    direct-mail promotions distributed monthly to millions of customers.

  • United States Treasury Department: Conducted comprehensive study
    and documentation for facilities requirements and operations costs for     
    building and operating plastic-card production facilities independent of     
    commercial plants.  
For over 30 years I have helped my clients manage complex projects,
save money, solve problems, and improve business operations,
productivity and profits. Services include:
  • Problem Solving
  • Discovery / analysis
  • Solutions vetting
  • Consensus building &
  • Implementation facilitation

  • Project Management
  • Planning: Stakeholder alignments
    for mission, goals, scope,
    approach, activity phasing,
    resource requirements, task-holder
    roles & responsibilities, budgets,
    milestones, schedules, tasks &
    dependences, reporting protocols,
    risk assessments
  • Execution: Task-holder
    integration and management, risks
    & dependencies management,
    budgets & schedules, phase &
    milestone achievement, status
    reporting, documentation,
  • Consulting, Coaching
  • Executive, Management & Staff
  • Personal, groups, teams

  • Process Management Solutions
  • Discovery / analysis  
  • HR / systems / process SWOT
  • Solutions development
  • Cross-functional integration
  • Implementation facilitation
  • Documentation
  • Success monitoring
  • HR training & coaching

  • Business Process Oursourcing
  • Requirements documentation
  • Goals & benefits analysis
  • RFP development  
  • Provider vetting
  • Contract negotiations
  • Implementation facilitation
Collaboration & Services